Ultraviolet light (UV) is non-ionizing radiation that falls within the 180-400-nanometer wavelength region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Within this region UV rays are commonly broken down into the following three main sections:

Region* Hazard Potential Wavelength (nm)
UVA Lowest 315-400
UVB Mid-High 280-315
UVC Highest 100-280

*The International Commission on Illumination

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Lights emitted by all Lumirati® products falls under UV-A range.

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Lumirati® products emit UV-A radiation which may cause tanning and premature skin aging. Prolonged viewing of UV-A light can cause irritation for eyes.

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It is highly recommended to use Lumirati® UV Protection Spectacles while using Lumirati® products.

Avoid direct skin exposure to the UV-A light and it is advised to take breaks while you are having a continuous operation to give some relief to eyes.

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Lumirati products in need of repair can be sent to Lumirati’s in-house service center or to one of our authorized Service Centers. Please find a list of service centers here. If you are sending a Lumirati product to our in-house service center for repair or service, kindly ship it to Lumirati’s manufacturing and service address listed below.

Service Center

21, Shreeyash Apts,

Anand Nagar,

Sinhagad Road,


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Please send following information at warranty@lumirati.com

  • The model and serial numbers of the product you have purchased
  • Your general information, including name, address and phone number
  • The market you are using the product for and any product feedback
  • An active email address, to receive updates on your registration and products

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