FSI UV-A 800 Fake Currency Detector

The Lumirati® FSI UV-A 800 Counterfeit Detector is a tabletop unit and can be used by shopkeepers, bank officials, cashiers to check for fake currencies, IDs, and documents by looking for the ultraviolet inks. The on/off switch is positioned on top of the unit for easier access.  The Lumirati® FSI UV-A 800 Tabletop Counterfeit Detector runs on a 230V AC power supply.

Technical Specifications

Light Beam:

  •    Area = 5″ * 2″


  •  UV-A LED emitting UV light of wavelength (peak): 395 nm

Lamp Style:

  •    Flashlight


  • Length: 14 cm (5.5 inches)

  • Weight excluding battery: 130 gr (4.6 oz.)

  • Weight including battery: 170 gr (6 oz.)

Power Requirements:

  • 230V AC