We are the manufacturer of world-class, state-of-the-art ultraviolet lamps (UV lamps) and related accessories. Our products are used for Non-destructive Testing (NDT), Leak Detection, Crime Scene Investigation, and other industrial purposes. Professionals across industries like automotive, aviation, fabrication, mining, oil & gas and railways use Lumirati ultraviolet lamps. Our wide range of high-performing, durable lamps give faster and reliable indications during Magnetic Particle Testing and Liquid Penetrant Testing (Dye Penetrant Testing). 

Our lamps are used to detect leaks in industrial environments. Leaks are not just unsafe and hazardous for the environment but can also affect your bottom line severely. Undetected leaks can lead to equipment breakdown, lost production time, safety issues, and even fines and legal penalties. That’s why it is customary to implement a safe, efficient and cost-effective leak detection program. Our portable and compact range of products allows you to perform leak detections in difficult and unreachable environments like boilers, chillers, condensers, HVAC systems, valves, welds, and fittings. 

We have spent considerable time talking to our customers across the industry for understanding their exact requirements and problems. Our every product is carefully designed keeping in mind these pain points. Our customers are our greatest source of learning and every product we manufacture at Lumirati can be attributed to their continuous feedback.